Volvo Transmission Problems MPS6

Some of the early model Volvos are fitted with what is known as a MPS6 Transmission. This transmission is particularly problematic because it basically comes from the same people that made the Ford Focus Power shift transmission. Ford is currently in a class action battle of this complete lemon of a transmission and at this stage there is known known repair for these gearboxes. You can read up on this issue by reading the article I have linked to here.
The Powershift automatic gearbox transmits the motive force from the engine to the drive wheels with double mechanical clutch discs, as opposed to Geartronic which instead uses a hydraulic torque converter.
The transmission’s double clutch has overload protection that is activated if it becomes too hot, e.g. if the car is held stationary with the accelerator pedal on an uphill gradient for a long time.
Overheated transmission causes the car to shake and vibrate, and the warning symbol illuminates and the combined instrument panel shows a message. The transmission can also overheat during slow driving in queues (10 km/h or slower) on an uphill gradient, or with a trailer hitched. The gearbox cools down when the car is stationary, with foot brake depressed and the engine running at idling speed.
However even if you don’t expose your vehicle to such conditions you can still get problems. Check engine light will come on and the fault code you will get will be
Shift Fork A/B Stuck
Volvo does have gear shift adaptation software that can reset the shifty and help the issue, however it is a band aid fix and considered only temporary.
The only sure fire way to fix this is to throw the transmission in the bin and buy a brand new one, which is not cheap. Then there is no guarantee that the new transmission won’t develop the same fault in the future.
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