Volvo Oil Leak Fault

This article applies to all Volvos fitted with the VEA Engine.
The VEA engines are the latest thing to come from the Swedish company however as recently as 2016 the company has had the production of these engines relocated to China.
A very common fault for these engines is for it to develop an oil leak. In some cases this gets bad enough to stain the driveway or parking space at work, however Volvos are all fitted with under trays so the oil can be leaking out of the motor and getting caught in the under tray. This can go on for months without the owner being aware that there is a problem. If you have a VEA engine fitted ask your mechanic to check for the engine oil leaks.
The main fault is caused by the crank shaft seal leaking. This is the rear main seal so its a major job to replace it as it requires the removal of the transmission and the flywheel to gain access to the seal. Not a huge problem if this is getting covered under warranty, but can sting if you are shelling out the pennies to fund this repair.
This has been known to start leaking with as little as 15,000kms on the clock.
Obviously this is covered by manufacturers warranty however this obviously a common issue and once these cars are out of warranty many owners will be footing the bill for this leak to be rectified.
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