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Volvo specialist Northern beaches, Volvo Expert Northern Beaches. GDL Automotive Services is proud to introduce Chris. Chris joins our ranks after five years experience at the local Volvo Dealership. He brings to our team a very calm, no fuss attitude along with a huge amount of European and SUV experience. Chris has recently moved to our Hornsby Branch for training and nurturing as a future store manager position is on the cards.
We first came across Chris though a client of ours and we started the head hunt process almost eighteen months ago. it took us that long to get him but the fight was well worth it.
Interestingly, Chris has already used his broad experience to resolve some complex issues on clients’ Volvos that have come through the workshop including the well known oil leak faults, steering issues and ambient air temperature sensor fault.
Volvo Expert Northern Beaches Chris has saved our clients money and time with his knowledge of the Volvo engines, particularly the known issues with VEA engine faults. This is a huge repair job many private workshops would palm off to the dealerships. With Chris’ experience this repair is now able to be carried out in-house, saving our clients thousands as they don’t have to pay the dealers inflated rates.
Similarly his experience has led to advising some clients to trade-in before large expenses deem them bankrupt and has been able to advise when after market options are available as opposed to inflated OEM parts.
Chris is the go to Volvo expert on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Now the North Shore.
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