About Us

GDL Automotive is a mechanical repair business operating on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Owner/Manager Dannie Lyman has more than a decade of experience in the automotive trade including experience on European, Asian and Australian vehicles.  Dannie built GDL Automotive with one main focus; convenience for you, the client.


About Dannie

Dannie Lyman, a dynamic individual with a passion for automotive excellence, is the driving force behind GDL Automotive, where his skilled team provide top-notch mechanical work. Balancing his professional endeavours with a fulfilling personal life, Dannie is a devoted father to three wonderful children and a cherished dog, who bring boundless joy and adventure to his days. When he’s not surrounded by revving engines and wrenches, Dannie finds solace and inspiration in his saltwater fish tank, nurturing a diverse array of aquatic life. As a connoisseur of fine whisky, he appreciates the intricate flavours and craftsmanship behind each bottle, often savouring a well-deserved glass to unwind and reflect on his achievements. Dannie embodies the spirit of pursuing passions with fervour and living life to the fullest, leaving an indelible mark on both the automotive and personal realms.

Meet Our Specialists



Sara is the wife of GDL owner Dannie. She has an administration role at GDL Automotive, keeping the well oiled machine that is GDL functioning. Outside the company, her primary passion is children and is qualified as a diploma trained childcare educator. She has grown up on the Northern beaches and loves going to the beach. She is also enthusiastic about cooking, baking, reading and craft.



Tracey joins the GDL team in an advisory role. She is a cofounder of The real Business Group and is working with the management team of GDL in a strategist capacity. Bringing Tracey on board will allow the team to expand the business to reach its dreams by implementing measurable goals and a level of accountability to the management staff.



Brent joins the team as Store Manager at our Warriewood site. Brent has a long history in the automotive world, with the previous ten years spent working at Mercedes Benz G Brothers in a sales capacity. Before that, he was involved in Woolworths and BP in operational capacities. Brent brings his years of experience and wisdom to our most established site and has the goal of growing and expanding GDL further.

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