Volvo Air Conditioning Problems

Most New model Volvos develop a problem with the air conditioning system.
This fault is particularly prevalent to the Volvo XC90.
Symptoms: The vehicles Air condition system will start behaving as if it has a mind of its own when on the automatic setting. On Hot days it will blow hot air and on Cold days it will blow cold air. The reason for this fault is a faulty external temperature reading getting back to the vehicles BCM (Body Control Module)
This fault only occurs with the air condition on the automatic setting. If the driver customers the settings to their own perusal liking this will over ride the automatic function and the system will behave as expected.
This can give the same symptoms of a air condition system operating low on refrigerant gas. Hot air coming out of the system when the cold temperature is selected. Before paying for a Air conditioning regas be sure to check the live data readings of the ambient air temperature sensor to be sure you don’t have this fault.
This reading is taken from a part known as the ambient air temperature sensor. If this fault has started to occur to your Volvo this is the faulty part.
In most vehicles Thi sensor is located behind the drivers side wing mirror glass. You need to remove the wing mirror glass (without breaking it) and replace the sensor. Its simply un plugs and the new sensor plugs in. Then put the mirror glass back without breaking it.
No computer resets are required. Once the new sensor is replaced your good to go.
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