Ford Powershift Transmission Fault

After close to a decade of having the power shift transmission on the market Ford was slapped with a massive $10 million dollar fine for this mechanical abomination. In the scheme of things this is not that big really and whilst Ford is struggling in the Australian market and there is no doubt this fine will hurt, its not a final solution for owners of the problematic vehicles. Basically the experimental power shift transmission has proven to be a complete mechanical disaster. This common fault has been known amongst the industry for at least five years now, this means Ford has to have known about it for longer than that.
Ford Powershift transmission FaultThe problem is, there is no known fix for that fault. Ford can not simply replace your suspect transmission and walk away knowing it will be ok. That fault plagues ever single powershift transmission and your new gearbox will likely fault again.
Rather than admit that Ford has stalled, pointed the other directed and distracted for years. Consumers were required to get the intermittent fault to happen at the dealer, knowing full well the law of averages worked in their favour.
Owners were then informed that the fault was caused by the driving style of the driver. Adaptive learning technologies and told “drive the vehicle aggressively” or “Drive it like you stole it” In what world is this a solution for a international company?
From there Ford introduced a buy back program labeled “loyalty program” or something to that effect. The result was consumers with known faulty cars were able to spend more money and buy another Ford. Seems fair, wait what? I have a known faulty car from your company and you want me to spend more money to make my warranty claim disappear. People did it, either out of desperation or stupidity but the result was more revenue for Ford.
So now, Ford admits the fault, but only after the ACCC got involved. Ford have copped a substantial fine however there is zero talk of how to compensate these owners for their transmission lemons. The ACCC did half a job, they got up infant of the class and scolded the naughty children at the back but there is still ball point pen ink inserts stuck in the ceiling.
The sad truth is we don’t yet have an answer for Powershift transmission owners, You were robbed, the thieves caught, given a slap on the wrist and sent home with your money still in their pocket. Time may change this however at this stage you have to either put up with the transmission of Lucifer or cut your losses and sell the car in an informed market where you may get 10% market value for it.
Independent transmission recondition shops will not and should not go near these cars. By opening them up and carrying out repairs they take responsibility for that particular vehicle.
Edit: Ford will now review each individual case for this fault. Here is an insert copied directly from
“Owners of Ford Focus, Fiesta or EcoSport vehicles with a PowerShift transmission who requested, but did not receive a refund or no cost replacement vehicle between 1 May 2015 and 1 November 2016, can have their case independently reviewed. Ford will provide compensation to affected customers in line with the independent reviewer’s decision.
The review process will commence in early July 2018 and run for 12 months. However, customers can now call 13FORD or visit to register their email address to receive updates on the independent review process.”

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