Range Rover TDV6 Vehicle Review

There are a number of common faults to watch out for on the Range Rovers. This article covers the TDV6 Engine we have another one to cover the 2.2 int eh Evokes.
Overall these are not a bad car however consumers need to know that you are buying a high end vehicle and with that comes the high end cost of things failing and fact that the more features the car has the more failures are possible of those features.
The fist thing with all Range Rovers is the frequency of servicing. Range Rover advises every 26,000kms and we disagree with that. We have covered that in this article here.
The other thing to note is all the Land Rovers and Range Rovers go through brakes exceptionally fast. This is not so much a “common fault” but is something to be mindful of if you are considering buying one. We have covered this in an article we wrote here. This article does cover the Discovery 4 brakes but the Range Rover has the same issues.
Be mindful of the service costs, particularly if you are looking at a second hand Range Rover. If you are looking at something around the 100,000kms range be sure to check if timing belts have been changed. These engines do have two belts and many mechanics do not know about the second one. make sure this has been done or if it has not, its grounds for some price adjustments as it can be an expensive job. We have covered this repair and the costings in this article here.
As far as common problems go here are the things to keep an eye out for.

  1. The EGR valves Block up. This is a problem caused by city driving and excessive stop start driving. We have covered this in this article here.
  2. The inlet manifolds crack. This is mostly unavoidable once the vehicle gets some higher kilometres on the speedometer. We have covered this fault in this article here.
  3. Both Turbo chargers are common for failure. One turbo is mechanical and this turbo fails due to oil starvation, often caused by skipping services the second is electronically controlled and fails because the electric actuator fails. We have covered this fault in this article here.
  4. 4. the water pumps are common for leaking. We have looked at this in depth in this article here.
  5. The final thing on the common faults list is the oil leaks from the sump gasket. This is a very common issue with the The TDV6 engine We have covered this in this article here. 

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