Land Rover and Range Rover TDV6 Timing Belt Replacement

What is the cost of a TDV6 Timing belt replacement?
When do i need the timing belt replaced on my TDV6?
The Land Rover and Range Rover TDV6 engine runs a timing belt that requires replacement every 100,000Kms. In fact this engine actually has two belts. The first is the main timing belt that keeps the cam and crank shafts in synchronization with each other. The second belt is another toothed belt on the back of the engine that needs replacing at the same time. This belt is for the diesel high pressure fuel pump and must be replaced at 100,000kms as well. Many mechanics are not aware of the second belt as it is an uncommon practice for manufacturers to do this.
The overall costing of this repair depends on the hourly rate of the workshop you use for this job. The Job should take a competent technician between eight and ten hours to replace both belts and hardware including tensioners, idlers and seals. It is also worth noting that specialty camshaft locking tools are required to carry out this repair, especially if the camshaft seals are being replaced at the same time (which they should be).
It is not necessary to use genuine Land Rover or Range Rover parts however it is advised and a quality known brand be used. We advise either Dayco or Gates.
An additional item to be mindful of is the thread in the oil pump casting that mounts the tensioner. Its very easy to cross thread this and in some cases put excessive load on the casting, this can cause a stress fracture that you may not notice, this can cause the casting to break at a latter date causing the belt to jump teeth and do catastrophic damage to the engine internals. There are upgraded oil pump options available if you are worried about this. The pump upgrades had a thicker casting and extra webbing to combat this issue. However its not necessary provided you are careful when fitting the tensioner.
The cost of this should be between $1500 and $2000, however people need to be mindful that if you are having this done at the 100,000kms service there are other items due at that service too, which will bring the pricing up significantly.
GDL Automotive Services has a trained and qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician working for them. Give the Warriewood branch a call on (02)9979 5933 and speak to Harith about your TDV6 timing belt replacement.
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