Land Rover and Range Rover TDV6 Turbo Fault

The TDV6 engine that is fitted to both Range Rovers and the Land Rovers are common for turbo failure. As with any vehicle manufacturer the cause for this is always either oil starvation or over heating or both. The TDv6 is no different. The main cause for this failure is lack of servicing. We have covered the land rover and range Rover vehicle service schedule in another article which you can read up on here.
The core point of that article is applicable with this fault. 26,000kms between oil changes in stop start, city driving causes the engine internals to sludge up and block oil supply lines to the turbo charger this means the bearing in the turbo has no lubrication and then the turbo completely fails. In extreme cases the failed turbo can send small metal fragments through the engine causing greater damage.
The TDV6 is a twin turbo engine with the left hand turbo more common for failure as its electronically operated. The actuator fails on these ones causing the fault.
The repair to replace the left hand or passenger side is straight forward and can be changed without to much heartache however if you have had the right hand turbo fail due to lubrication issues the body of the vehicle has to be removed from the chassis in order to access the right hand turbo charger.
This Job will take a decent mechanic seven to ten hours to remove and replace the body, then an additional two or three to remove and replace the turbo. Depending on the hourly rate of a mechanic doing this job you can expect $1500 minimum in labor costs plus any additional parts needed and obviously the replacement turbo.
GDL Automotive Services has a qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician in our team. Harith is based at our Warriewood store and you can read up about him and his qualifications by clicking here.
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