Land Rover Discovery 4 & Range Rover TDV6 Oil Leak

The TDV6 in a Land Rover Discovery 4 has a few common faults, one of them is the oil leaks that start up from the sump gasket.
This is something that is very common and almost all of them will require replacing at some point throughout the life of the vehicle. It goes without saying that you get this repair done at the same time as an oil change, this is two birds with one stone and the costs will be less for you.
This oil leak is normally so bad that the vehicle will fail a registration inspection. That is to say it’s dripping oil onto the under trays and then onto the road. Most owners notice this fault once it starts staining the garage floor or the landscaped driveway starts getting big black oil stains on it.
TDV6 Oil leak Its a time consuming job as the front differential housing requires removal from the vehicle before the sump can be accessed. Once that is out of the way its relatively straight forward however there is one thing to watch out for. There is a small plastic pipe inside the sump that is very easily broken. This pipe is a crank case ventilation tube. Even technicians that do this job frequently break them. The most common point that this is broken is when you are refitting the sump back onto the engine. Be careful, if you think you broke it, pull the sump back off and check.
If you did break the pipe the genuine Land Rover part number for a replacement is LR013608.
The cost for this repair should be around the $1000 mark. Most of this is the labor involved, the only materials required is the new gasket, the plastic pipe if you break it, oil and the filter.
Be mindful, if left for to long this oil leak can allow oil to soak the front diff mounting bushes and compromise them. If you suspect this leak has been there for some time inspect these bushes.
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