Range Rover and Land Rover TDV6 Water Pump Fault

The Range Rovers and the Land Rovers TDV6 are fitted with a external water pump. That is to say the pump is not driven by a timing belt or chain. The good news about this is that unlike many Japanese vehicles, when the pump fails there is not extravagant labor costs to access the pump.
Unfortunately with the Land Rover and Range Rover TDV6 this pump is commonly known to fail. The internal seal fails allowing coolant to access the bearing for the pump and in turn the coolant leaks out the inspection hole. This hole is deliberately put there by manufacturers to allow the coolant to escape the engine. This lets the owner know there is a problem and hopefully rectifies it before the bearing collapses and causes the vehicle to spit the drive belt and render the vehicle un-driveable.
This is not a big deal and the labor involved to carry out this repair is around two to three hours. You should have a complete cooling system flush and coolant change carried out at the same time.
Land Rover Expert Northern Beaches The genuine Land Rover pump does not give you much change from $700AUD and in our opinion is a little unnecessary. Add you labor and coolant to the cost of the pump and you are shelling out around $1k for this replacement.  Aftermarket options are available including budget eBay products (not always recommended)  through to reputable suppliers such as Repco or Bursons Auto parts. Using an after market pump from a decent supplier should bring the costings of this repair with labor involved down to anywhere between $500 and $700.
Using Ebay parts is an option and can reduce the cost even more however we don’t advise this with essential engine components and this is one such component.
GDL Automotive Services has a qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician who is more than capable of doing this repair for you.
Give us a call on (02)9979 5933 and speak to Harith about this repair. You can read up about Harith and his qualifications here.

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