What to look for when buying a Jeep

Considering Buying a Second Hand Jeep Grand Cherokee? Here is what you need to know.

Click on the video below and Dannie will quickly talk you through the most common faults not he Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Hi there, Danny from GDL automotive services GDL is one of Sydney's only independent Jeep specialists. Today I want to look at the Grand Cherokee particularly this model beside us, and things that you should look out for if you're considering purchasing one of these secondhand.
 So first of all these came out with a petrol V8, and a three liter diesel engine. The V8 it's mechanically a very very reliable. The only thing that they do go through a lot of is the brakes. But aside from that we don't see too many common problems. However, if you're considering buying one of these for towing purposes, the 3 Later diesel is definitely much better for that. It's got far more torque. Having said that, the three litre diesel does have a relatively long list of common problems. People do regularly ask us "is the Jeep mechanically a reliable car?". The short answer is no more so or less so than any other vehicle on the road. Every car has common problems. Every car has maintenance upkeep costs, the things with Jeeps particularly, is the cost of that upkeep is quite deer, compared to other vehicles on the market. A good example is these run a HID headlight bulb. The bulb in this alone is about $300. If you need to buy a whole headlight assembly. It's about $3,000. Another common fault is the water pump, for example on the Toyota Corolla a water pump might cost you $200 on a three liter diesel, it will set you back about $1,000 So, you're not comparing apples with apples.

 So the things to look out for if you are buying one of these or are considering buying one of these. 
-The most common problem with these is the oil cooler fails internally, and it fills the cooling system with diesel oil. You can tell this straight away, if you've got oil inside the cooling system in that coolant header tank. 
-They're also common for two coolant hoses splitting and leaking, one of them's in the belly of the V, and when it leaks pumps Coolant out the back of the engine and runs down the bellhousing. To get to that we've got to pull the inlet manifold off. There's another one that goes around the turbo charger that also leaks that can leak down the back of that bell housing as well. 
-They're common for alternators. very much so, the most frequent reason they are towed in is the alternator has failed. 
-Water pumps as we mentioned, common for failing, 
-as well as the radiator 
-steering racks can leak, 
-and they do develop an oil leak from the lower sump 
-and the front controller wishes. Once they've got about 100,000 K's on them will nearly always need replacing. 
So there you have it the other things to look out for if you're considering buying a secondhand Jeep thanks is Danny from GDL.

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