Jeep Petrol V6 Oil Leak

If you have jeep of any type with a Petrol V6 Engine in it and its leaking oil there is a good chance this is going to be your problem.

Click the video below and Dannie will talk you through the most common cause for all oil leaks on a Jeep V6 Petrol engine.

Hi there, Dannie here from GDL automotive, talking to you about the Jeep Grand Cherokees once again. In the last video we talked about the three liter diesel, this one we're going to talk about the V six petrol version. This particular engine comes in the Grand Cherokee, but also comes in the Wranglers, and in the Trail Hawks and spun sideways but it's not exactly the same, but it's pretty similar. So the only thing that really goes wrong with the V six petrols is oil leaks, and its nearly always only going to be one problem that's caused oil leak and it's this thing here. So this is the oil cooler. oil from the housing on the end here, what usually busts is either the seals between the core itself and the housing, or the seal between housing and inlet manifold. What ends up happening, 

I'll show you. So this is what you can see that when it's in the vehicle, the rest of that housing runs along the underside of this inlet manifold so the inlet manifold has to come off. To Tell If you've got this problem basically if you've got oil down in here where I'm pointing. You've got to leaking cooler, however, you got to be careful sometimes your mechanic might have spilt some oil when he does the oil filter change, you want to make sure that you definitely got the leak. But what happens is, it fills up the valley of the V, and runs out the back of the engine and down across the bell housing and then drips off the bottom of the gearbox, so a lot of people end up doing transmission repair work, thinking that they're chasing a transmission oil leak and they actually only got is this oil cooler problem.  Pretty much if you've got an Jeep, with a V six petrol engine, and it's leaking oil. This is what it's going to be. Thanks thats Dannie from GDL automotive.

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