Subaru Clutch Fork Fault

There is a common problem with manual Subarus and the clutch fork failure. This is most commonly seen in the Subaru Outback however it has been seen on several models.

The fault is actually a poor design from the manufacturer. The Metal on the pivot point of the clutch fork is not strong enough for the task its doing and the pivot point wears through. (See Images) eventually the pivot point will punch its way through the clutch fork and suddenly your clutch doesn’t work and your car does not drive.

There are upgraded options for this but not from Subaru. Aftermarket options insure that this doesn’t happen to you.

If your replacing your clutch either because this fault has happened or because the clutch has just worn out. We strongly advise upgrading the clutch fork.

It is also worth noting that the pivot ball often wears unevenly when this fault happens. It is advised to replace the pivot ball at the same time.

Note: Subaru will not take responsibility for this issue if you vehicle is outside of warranty. Many clients contact us seeking advise to take legal action against Subaru for this fault. This is not something we a re willing to get involved in. Additionally this has not yielded any fruit to date with Subaru.

If your vehicle is still covered by manufactures warranty this is something that Subaru will fix under warranty however they will only replace the clutch fork with the OEM Part which to my understanding has not been upgraded. Therefore the part of same quality is going back in your car and the risk of this occurring again is high.

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