Avoid getting a mechanics bill you weren’t expecting

I'm just going to shoot you a short video here demonstrating one of the systems we have in all of our workshops that guarantees that none of our customers ever come to pick their vehicle up and have an invoice that they're not expecting. This seems to be a pet hate of a lot of people when it comes to the automotive industry. Having surprise bills when you come to pick the car up.
 So I'm going to show you a system that we have in our workshops that stops this from happening. So first up, I'm going to show you the job cards. So this is a job card, it's all make belief in this scenario so Jane Doe owns itself a Land Rover, and show you down there Land Rover Discovery yet so this is all filled out by the technician in our workshop when you arrive, then your technician will check over the vehicle and write a list.
 So the list normally comes into the office before the highlighter stage so this is a list of what he's found wrong with the vehicle that the technician is recommending the vehicle needs. Then your workshop controller will do all the quoting over here again just bear in mind this is a fictional made up scenario here so those prices won't be accurate. And then he will call you, or she, depending on which store you're coming through.
And then he will he or she will run you through the quotes, and anything that you've said yes please go ahead with then get highlighted.
So in this make believe scenario here you can see that Jane Doe has decided that brakes are an optional extra in her vehicle and she doesn't want them changed, but she does want a brake light bulb and a rotate and balance and failed shock absorber that seems surprisingly cheap there for a Land Rover but anyway. Then the technician can go ahead with the repair. So only things that have been highlighted. And obviously see the highlighted total number down there. Jane Doe has been spoken to been told that she's to expect a bill of $721 and she's discussed this with her service advisor.
And she's fully aware of what's going on so that way there's no nasties. it's not the technician deciding what to do or not to do on the vehicle the customer has 100% to decision when it comes to that. And it is quite regular that we will get job cards like this back to the technician that only has the service and the customer said No, don't do anything else and that's totally fine. But this is the system we have in place the guarantees that the customer never ever gets gets a bill that they're not expecting from GDL automotive. Okay, thanks.
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