The JK Wrangler Overhaul: A Comprehensive Build Update

In this update, we’ll be diving into the ongoing JK Wrangler build, a project that involves integrating various components from a donor vehicle into the new setup. This JK Wrangler underwent significant modifications due to damage, prompting the owner to invest in a new vehicle while salvaging and transferring numerous enhancements from the original.

A substantial portion of the parts being fitted into this JK Wrangler are not fresh out of the box. The scenario involves a customer with a damaged JK Wrangler who purchased a new one and desired the transfer of multiple modifications from the original to the replacement.

Key Modifications:

The new JK Wrangler now boasts Poison Spider rock crawlers on the sides, along with larger wheel arches to accommodate Method wheels with offset positioning. These adjustments were essential to align with the front suspension and steering knuckles.

The front and rear of the vehicle are being reinforced with a range of Tough Dog components. The AEV rear bar, a brand-new addition, comes equipped with end caps featuring water tanks for extra storage.

Additionally, the AEV fuel caddy and swing arm, capable of carrying a spare tire and an extra 30 liters or more of fuel, have been seamlessly integrated into the build. Falcon shocks from the donor vehicle, along with Terraflex adjustable control arms for the rear, further enhance the JK Wrangler’s capabilities.

Courtesy of Burson Auto Parts, the build includes a new DBA rotors and pads setup. While the rear is already installed, the front is next on the list.

Upcoming Steps:

The project is far from complete. Future plans involve pulling out the transmission for an Exedy heavy-duty clutch installation. The V6 petrol engine is set to receive upgrades with cams and lifters. A comprehensive KC lighting installation is also on the agenda.

Other pending tasks include swapping the hardtop, addressing steering components such as drag links and steering arms, and completing the TerraFlex installation in the front.

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