Jeep Grand Cherokee, updated Petrol V6: The Problem with Aftermarket Starter Motors

The WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee, specifically models with a petrol V6 engine from 2018 onwards, faces a recurring issue: aftermarket starter motor failures. This article discusses the problem and emphasizes the need for genuine Jeep starter motors.

Identifying the Newer Model: Distinctive engine covers mark the newer models of WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokees with a petrol V6 engine from 2018 onwards.

The Issue: Starter motor failures are common due to a number of reasons such as higher compression ratios and the stop start features on the Pentastar upgrade further more the incompatibility of aftermarket options with the vehicle’s stop-start system make repairing your jeep a costly fix.

The Genuine Jeep Starter: Investing in a genuine Jeep starter motor, priced at approximately $1500, is crucial to avoid burning out a newly installed aftermarket part within a week.

Real-World Example: A Jeep owner went through three aftermarket starters in as many weeks, initially attributing the issues to wiring problems. The root cause was the use of an incorrect starter motor, resolved by switching to a genuine Jeep part.

For WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners facing starter motor problems after a repair, opting for genuine Jeep starter motors is essential to ensure reliability and avoid repeated failures. Cutting corners with aftermarket alternatives proves costly in the long run.

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