Project Jalopy: Upgrading the JK Wrangler with SRT Brembo Brakes

Meet our latest shop project. We present what we will, for now call Project Jalopy, an ambitious undertaking centred around our vibrant orange JK Wrangler. This initiative aims to showcase the possibilities for JK Wrangler owners by integrating various top-tier components from different suppliers. Our starting point for this exciting project comes courtesy of Frankie from Just Jeeps.

Frankie has generously provided us with a set of Brembo brakes sourced from an SRT WK2 model, marking the initial phase of our project. However, the installation of these high-performance brakes is not a straightforward task. In addition to bolting them onto the JK Wrangler, we need to address mounting brackets and potential wheel offset issues.

As we delve into the intricacies of this upgrade, one challenge on our radar is determining the appropriate mounting brackets. This critical step requires careful consideration to ensure a seamless fit for the SRT Brembo’s on the JK Wrangler. Furthermore, the potential issue of wheel offset, where the rims may interfere with the new brakes, looms large.

Remarkably, our research indicates a lack of precedent for directly fitting SRT Brembo brakes onto a JK Wrangler without resorting to a comprehensive big brake conversion kit. We are committed to breaking new ground in this arena, exploring relatively uncharted territory in the customization of JK Wrangler braking systems.

Looking ahead, our goal is not just to perfect this upgrade but to develop a solution that can be shared with the wider JK Wrangler community. The plan involves fabricating, or collaborating on the fabrication of, brackets that would allow other JK Wrangler owners with the appropriate wheel setup to seamlessly integrate SRT Brembo brakes onto their vehicles.

Ultimately, we envision providing a product that opens up the possibility for any JK Wrangler enthusiast to enhance their braking system with Brembo’s stopping power. By documenting our process and sharing the results, we aim to empower fellow JK Wrangler owners to elevate their driving experience.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate the challenges of integrating SRT Brembo brakes onto the JK Wrangler and showcasing a whole heap of customisation possibilities

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