Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

This review primarily covers the 2.2 Diesel models.
The Discovery designers have realised that its range of vehicle was rapidly becoming less about adventuring and off road travels and more about picking jimmy up from school and getting the family to weekend sporting events along with all equipment needed. AS such the good people at Land Rover seemed to have designed the new Discovery to be a far more practical vehicle for family use and city driving and have pushed the off road and adventuring type design towards the Defender.
The result id the Discovery is now a very people SUV for families and executives alike. They are a bit more compact then its predecessor, still boasts a huge line up of amazing features, and some more practicality added. Its not got a wheel base as long as the Discovery 4 making it easier to park in urban environments and the hight has come down significantly from he Disco 4 making it better for underground car parks and smaller car ports.
The most obvious option fitted to this is the shifter mechanics that rises up out of the consul to meet you. Its a great feature however its also a fairly common fault for this mechanics to fail. The result is you can take you vehicle out of park.
Unfortunately the 2.2 is a shared platform with the running gear fitted to some Volvos. This is not normally a problem as Volvo is a reputable brand however the particular transmission in question is the achilles heal of Volvo. The transmission used are common for failure and they are not cheap to repair or replace.
This engine is also known for turbo failures. This is not as big a job as replacing the turbos on the Discover 4. This disco four needs the body separated from he chases to do this repair (we have a video of it here)
However the turbo replacement on this engine is still a timely task and requires the subframe to be removed. This fault can be completely avoided if you ignore the land rove service schedule and change your engine oil far more frequently. We have covered that issues in this article here.
Looking for a Land Rover expert. We have the man.
Discovery Common faultsHarith has saved our clients money and time with his knowledge of the Land Rover engines, particularly the known issues with timing chain faults and the twin timing belts on TDV6 engines. This is a huge repair job many private workshops would palm off to the dealerships. With Harith’s experience this repair is now able to be carried out in-house, saving our clients thousands as they don’t have to pay the dealers inflated rates.
Similarly his experience has led to advising some clients to trade-in before large expenses deem them bankrupt and has been able to advise when after market options are available as opposed to inflated OEM parts.
Harith is the go-to Land Rover expert on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
You can learn more about Harith by clicking here.
Out side of work Harith loves to travel the globe, a hobby that is on hold for some time while he strives to save funds for a property purchase in the future. Harith has sound business acumen and has expressed a passion to be involved in the growth and expansion of the GDL brand and business.
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