Land Rover Discovery Body Lift
One of the crazy things about the Land Rovers is the repair procedure for many of the engine components. You may have heard people talking about lifting the body off the chassis, well here it is being done.
No small achievement for even the most talented technician. the removal job takes about four hours with some one who is experienced. Even longer for a first time technician.
Do not let the chases move at all. Even a millimetre will make putting the body back on a total night mare.
This task is carried out by our senior technician Harith at our Warriewood location.

Harith has saved our clients money and time with his knowledge of the Land Rover engines, particularly the known issues with timing chain faults and the twin timing belts on TDV6 engines. This is a huge repair job many private workshops would palm off to the dealerships. With Harith’s experience this repair is now able to be carried out in-house, saving our clients thousands as they don’t have to pay the dealers inflated rates.
Similarly his experience has led to advising some clients to trade-in before large expenses deem them bankrupt and has been able to advise when after market options are available as opposed to inflated OEM parts.
Harith is the go-to Land Rover expert on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
You can learn more about Harith by clicking here.
Out side of work Harith loves to travel the globe, a hobby that is on hold for some time while he strives to save funds for a property purchase in the future. Harith has sound business acumen and has expressed a passion to be involved in the growth and expansion of the GDL brand and business.
To book yoru Land Rover in to have a trained expert service and maintain your vehicle without paying dealer prices call now to make your booking.
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Alternatively you can book online by clicking here. 

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