Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Bulb

The Jeep Grand Cherokee runs whats called a HID  (High Intensity Discharge) Globe System The globes produce a huge amount of light with minimal heat and don’t fail as frequently as conventional head light bulbs.
They do still fail and they are not a cheap item to replace. In our work with the Jeeps we have discovered a little trap that caught us out with these globes.
Basically there are one of two possibilities for the globe fitted to your Jeep.
The First is a D1S Globe which retails from Repco for $147AUD This globe is less common in the Grand Cherokee.
The Second is a D3S Globe which retails from Repco for $318AUD. This globe is the more common light bulb used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
I can’t explain why one is 100% more expensive then the other as they are nearly identical bulbs.
Visually these globes are nearly identical however there is one little variant in the globes that makes all the difference.
If you look at the image below you can see a small step or block section in the socket (green part) where the globs electrical harness plugs in. (at the end of the ball point pen.) The Globe shown is a D3S.
On a D1S that step or block section is on the opposite corner.
The point is. These globes look identical but if you purchase the cheaper globe, get home, open the packaging and discover you needed the other you in an expensive pit hole. You can’t return the old one (if you opened the packet) and a head light globe has now cost you around $500.
There is absolutely no way of making a D1S fit into a wiring harness made for a D3S sorry.
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