Land Rover Service Schedule

With a lot of the new vehicles on the market now dealers are harping on about how you can get really long servicing schedules. I know for a fact Land Rovers every 26,000 kilometers. A lot of the luxury brands are up there with that.  Some of the Japanese and Korean makes aren’t quite as big as service intervals, but they’re still pretty high.
Along with the fact that they’re claiming you don’t need to service your car until it’s 4000 years old and done a million kilometers, we need to talk about the fine print on this.
We need to discus what the dealers are calling extreme conditions. If you read the fine print basically any stop start see driving is classed as extreme conditions, and pretty much all of Australia’s climates classes extreme conditions. So, under that in one fell swoop basically all vehicles are considered to be operated inside Australia in what is classed as extreme conditions.
This means that those service intervals. Can’t go as long as what they’re saying they can in the advertising material. You need to be careful of this because it is grounds for warranty claims being knocked back. And if you’re outside of warranty. This is a common cause for mechanical failures in vehicles, such as the CX-7 with a turbo failing, Land Rovers turbo family anything that requires frequent lubrication, also Subarus and the variable valve timing. Most engines will have ramifications from stop start city driving and long service intervals. We recommend stick to your 10,000 kilometers regardless of what the dealers are saying. It will cost you a little bit more in the long run, but you’ll never be towed in with a major issues and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of repairs needed due to an oil lubrication problem.
So that’s my advice, and that’s Danny from GDL automotive services.
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