Subaru Head Gasket. Cost to repair

One of the most common faults with the Subaru range of vehicles is an oil leak that starts from the cylinder head gaskets. This fault is caused because of the boxer engine. The oil sits in the engine across the head gasket and gravity combined with fluctuated temperatures causes the gasket to leak. This is most commonly an oil leak but in many cases coolant can leak past these gaskets too.
The repair for this requires the cylinder heads to be removed. The costs of this can fluctuate depending on which engine is in question. Additionally there are some costs that go with this repair if advised preventative maintenance is carried out.
Subaru Head gasket costThose preventative maintenance items are listed below.

  • Timing belt kit (including hydraulic tensioner) This has to be removed from the engine to carry out the repair. It is advised to replace this whilst you are doing the job. The labour for doing this outside of the head gasket repair can be significant. Doing it now saves you on labour in the future.
  • Water pump. This is located behind the timing belt and is driven by the timing belt. Again this is an item that you have easy access to whilst doing the repair. It’s advised to replace this whilst doing the repairs.
  • Cylinder head service. It is advised to get the cylinder heads serviced when doing this repair. The head should be machined to insure a perfect mating surface. As well as making sure the valves are sealing correctly and the valve stem seals are not allowing oil to enter the combustion chamber.

If you are looking at this repair for a twin cam engine (one cam shaft per cylinder head) This repair can be done with the engine remaining in the vehicle. It does require the engine mounts to be undone and the engine needs to be lifted and pulled to one side to allow the head bolts to clear the chasis.
If you have a quad cam engine (two cam shafts per cylinder head) The engine has to be removed from the vehicle to carry out this repair.
The Cost of this repair.
how much to replace head gasket Obviously the costs for this repair can fluctuate depending which engine you have and which of the advised “additional repairs” You go with. This will also change depending on the hourly rate of your mechanic. Here is our estimation is Australian dollars for these repairs.
The Single cam option with no add ons start at $1800
Timing belt cost with a hydraulic tensioner for either engine combination. $800 – $1000 (depending on the brand)
Cylinder head servicing (assuming valves are not needed) $400 per head.
Quad cam engine removal add an additional $500.
In summery this repair can cost you anywhere from $1800 to $4000 depending on whats needed and which engine is in question.
If you would like to get a quote for this repair or simply book your Subaru for a health check please feel free to get in contact with us. You can get in contact with our team by clicking here.

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