Are Jeeps Lemons?

As part of our niche of being one of Sydneys only independent Jeep specialists, we have joined several online communities for Jeep owners and enthusiasts. A frequent topic of conversation seems to arise within these groups around the fact that the Jeep range of vehicles seem to have a list of common faults and for many, this is reason for concern or at the very least hesitation when it comes to purchasing one, particularly a second hand one.
It is true that there are a number of common faults on the Jeep Grand cherokee including, oil cooler failures, alternators and oil leaks from sump gaskets and steering racks. None of these are a death sentence for the vehicle. What many consumers seem to not be aware of is the fact that every car currently on the market has “common faults”.
The temperatures and speeds of reciprocating parts combined with manufactures trying to reduce costs by using cheaper materials results in all vehicles have wearing components and mechanical failures.
To quote myself inside these groups.

“EVERY SINGLE CAR on the market has a list of common faults. Subarus leak oil out the heads, Hyundai’s develop misfires, D4D fail injectors, Honda have CVT trouble, Audi have DSG faults, Ford has a class action against them for the power-shift transmission etc etc.

There is no one perfect car. Some are better then others.
Jeep is no better or worse then anything else on the market. The bit that hurts jeep owners is the cost of parts and in some cases the labour charged when getting someone who doesn’t know the product who may over quote due to inexperience.
I have no hesitation recommending a Jeep. Things fail and parts break just the same as a Mazda 2.”
In summery No, there is nothing inherently wrong with Jeep as a brand. They are not lemons and are not a problematic vehicle. They have mechanical failures at a rate equal to or less than any other manufacturer currently on the market.
If you wish to look through a comprehensive list of the common faults with the Jeep Grand Cherokee one of the following articles may interest you.

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