Should I Buy A Car From The Auctions?

The short answer to this question is no. However let’s unpack this some more.
Often when someone discovers they have a major mechanical failure with a vehicle that exceeds the budget for repairs they are faced with only a few options to resolve this issue.
One of the most common solutions to this is to trade the vehicle in on a new or used vehicle at a dealership. The reason for this is the car salesmen very rarely pick up on the fault or even if they do still offer a decent price on the traded in vehicle and the owner is no longer facing this problem.
How to buy cars at auctions The next step in the process is normally the vehicle is inspected by a mechanic employed by the dealership. At this point the mechanical fault is normally discovered. If the dealer feels that repairing this vehcile and still turning a profit is out of the question, the vehicle is send to wholesale.
From wholesale the car normally goes to auction where a new unsuspecting retail owner or used car yard inherits the mechanical fault.
In short there is a reason the vehicle is at the auctions. It’s the age old case of “if it sounds too good to be true” it probably is.
Occasionally a bargain in good condition can be found but this is few and far between.
Trusting your car to the care of GDL Automotive means you don’t need to change anything in your schedule. You don’t need to take time off work or adjust your normal day to day plans. Your car is picked up from your home or place of work, removing the inconvenience of delivering it to a service centre.
At the end of the day, your car is back where you left it. Everything sorted for you, hassle and stress free. We take care of everything related to your car: servicing, repairs, electrical, tyres, wheel alignments, detailing, registration inspections, blue slip, vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty – in fact, absolutely anything!
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