Working outdoors

With the formalities sorted in the way of business registration and motor vehicle repairers licence we were now free to commence operating GDL Automotive Services the only remaining issue was a complete lack of funds.
So for the first twelve months we operated after hours. Say goodbye to any sort of social life (which is rather counter productive as networking is an amazing marketing resource).
For the next twelve months my parents vehicles lived on the street as their car port (unfortunately they did not have a garage) was transformed into our place of business every evening and every weekend. Over the course of that year the facilities were upgraded with better lighting, whether proof drop sheets and other required things.
If you asked me now (three years down the track) to do it all again I probably wouldn’t.
carport28:30am-5:30pm I worked for my full time employer about 15kms away (twenty minute drive in traffic) then I would drive to my parents place often via my clients house to pick up the car, work until it was done and return the car. It was not uncommon for us to be operating on only a few hours sleep. The weekends we allocated for the bigger jobs that required more time and so we began the crazy round the clock mechanical team for about twelve months.
My parts suppliers whom I had known for years through my employers we kind enough to credit me parts when needed and the clients all paid in cash. We attempted to book one job per night and obviously more for the weekend. Over the next twelve months we worked like crazy, were constantly tired but had built up an impressive cash reserve to get the business going.

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