Facebook had well and truly established itself as the main social media network at this stage in our journey. MySpace was on a rapid decline and YouTube was kicking along very nicely by then too.
I believe the hype surrounding Twitter had just begun and Instagram was not far behind. We had little or no intention of bothering with social media as it was my experience that this was just a bunch of teenagers post photos of alcohol induced stupidity for other moronic adolescents to laugh and comment on. It was advised that we use this free tool as it was exactly that, free. Much like face to face networking we had to utilise this as much as possible as we did not have any funds to allocate to marketing.
So the GDL automotive services Facebook page was born. It started with under ten likes and within a month we had rounded up every friend and contact we knew of to hit the beloved like button and get the page going. For the next six months our like counter hovered between seventy and one hundred likes.
facebook200Over those six months we experimented with post content, images, copied images from other sites, humour, you tube clips, tips for clients and our personal story. Within six months we had discovered what was working and getting responses and what was not. In many cases we were surprised at what got results. From here we just kept doing what we knew worked.
Every now and then I would have a brain fart and put content on Facebook that was probably ill advised. I would express frustration at situations and told people what got me wound up, I even used the page to vent my feelings both positive and negative. Many more experienced business men rebuked us for this, however I am pleased to announce the greatest discovery we have had using Facebook was people respond to the human behind the page not its content. While ever the content was personal and reflected what we were experiencing and feeling, our viewers soaked it up. There is a happy balance between negative and positive content but we found the greatest Facebook traffic came when we were genuine about our feelings, emotions and experience and shared them with our viewers.
After discovering this little trick our Facebook likes skyrocketed. 200 likes was a milestone we celebrated and at time of writing this we are sitting 499 Facebook likes.


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