Push Out the Door

The next real step in getting this business off the ground actually took a very long time to occur. If we are realistic about this I’d say it was over a few years.
Working from home was a concept I was familiar with as I had already carried out many repair jobs at home through my friends and family network (something I intend to blog about later this week).
However, when doing some simple ground work research and with my own knowledge and preconceived idea of what was required to start a mechanical workshop it was found that a minimum funding required was in excess of eighty thousand Australian dollars. This amount deflated any hope of starting a mechanical workshop as funds available were equivalent to less than one thousand.
I was content to just do the extra jobs at home for a little extra cash and work for other companies for the rest of my life. Borrowing that kind of money from the bank was high risk and unlikely to be approved due to the fact that I was 25 years old.
Enter Michael Henderson, the Senior Pastor from our local Baptist church and a man with an arts degree under is belt prior to any work in the church circles. My experience has been that the people gifted in the arts have a different way of thinking and Michael was no exception.
Whist discussing my hopes and deflated dreams he came up with the solution that would allow the business to commence and operate almost instantly with minimal funds. The solution was to register the business as a mobile mechanic, continue operating at night and on weekends from my parents garage and build the client base up. From there with funding developed by our own hard work rather than borrowing we could expand into a workshop premises whenever needed. So the plan was put in action and the following week I put in an application for a weeks’ worth of annual leave at my employer with the intention of spending that week getting the appropriate licences and registries done. It would never have happened if it weren’t for Michael’s encouragement and ideas it really was the push out the door we needed.

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