What to do if you get two flat tyres

If you ever have two flat tyres it’s either because you are incredibly unlucky and have had two nails at once, or like most people who find themselves in this situation, you have come in contact with the kerb and have damaged the side wall of both tyres on the same side of the vehicle. The small situation you now have yourself in is one that requires two spare tyres and you only have one. You now have to call a tow truck and get towed to a workshop or tyre shop.
BEWARE the cost of this tow. In New South Wales there are different classes of salvage/ towing and the fees affiliated with them vary greatly. A break down tow locally (depending on the distance travelled) should cost you anywhere from one to two hundred dollars. Any tow relating to an accident or collision is classed as such and the tow can cost you up to $500 in the category. In most cases this does not bother anyone as it’s the insurance companies that pick up the bill for this after an accident.
I have two flat tyres
Here is where you get stung. Hitting a gutter is classed as a collision and if a tow truck comes to you with two flat tyres they can legally charge you at the collision rate. Your tow for two flat tyres could suddenly cost you a few hundred dollars more than you were anticipating.
What do you do? Don’t call NRMA until you have done this next stage. If you call NRMA they will more than likely inform the towing company of the situation (this does of course depend upon the individual technician sent to your job).
Swap one of the flat tyres with your spare. Then call the NRMA or the towing company. Tell them you have a flat tyre and that your spare tyre is also flat.
More than likely they will suspect what has happened but will not be able to charge you at the collision rate for your tow truck.

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