How to Fix Ford Territory Brake Shudder

For Territory Brake vibrationChances are, if you own a Ford Territory you have a savage vibration through the vehicle as you lightly brake coming down hills. The fault is caused by a braking system that is far too small to handle the weight of the vehicle. Almost every Ford Territory on Australian roads is plagued by this highly irritating problem.
Many clients report this fault to their mechanics or local brake suppliers and are given cop out answers like “you bought the wrong car” or ” what did you expect from Ford”. Whilst these comments may reflect how the mechanic feels about the situation, it’s hardly helpful for the owner of the vehicle who has to put up with the irritating problem. Additionally many resolve that the solution to fix this is simply new disc rotors or machining the disc rotors to get the disc to run true again. This is only a bandaid fix.
Braking systems use the metal of the disc rotor to dissipate heat by machining the disc rotor you are reducing the amount of metal available to do this and the result is nearly always the fault returns in a shorter time period. Mechanics are getting away with this repair as the shudder is not present when the vehicle leaves the shop.
There is an alternative solution to this but the costs involved can become substantial. The Ford Territory was released with a turbo charged model. There are not very many of them around but they were released with a front disc rotor that is greater in diameter than the standard model Territory.
The turbo charged models came with two brake sizes on the front brakes. If you can find a wrecking yard that has the front brake set up off a turbo charged model they will bolt up to the standard Territory front hubs. You will require the callipers, the calliper brackets, the brakes hoses, pads and disc rotors.
On the turbo charged models the PBR callipers come with a disc rotor 340mm in diameter and the Brembo callipers come with 355mm diameter.
Be warned if you get the Brembo brake set up with the 355mm rotor the standard 17 wheel will not clear the brakes and you will need to go to a bigger wheel. The PBR calliper will allow the 17 inch wheel to be used but you have to file about half a millimetre off the calliper as it rubs on the spokes of the wheels.
Combined with the bigger front brake upgrade we have seen reduced brake shuddering when using the DBA Kangaroo Paw disc rotors. This is an innovative design in disc rotors and heat dissipation and it allows the rotors to expand and contract with even levels of heat distribution across the rotor. This reduces the warping however they are exceptionally expensive compared to conventional disc rotors.

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