Hyundai I Load Clutch Replacement

For the best part they Hyundai I load is a very good van. Some common issues do arise in them from time to time and we have covered some of those common faults in a previous blog article which you can find by clicking on the link below.
Hyundai I load review
In that article we did not cover the clutch in these vans. The clutch in the I load is a little problematic with many owners experiencing a fault with the part called the pressure plate. The fins on the pressure plate are known for collapsing, this effectively stops the clutch disc from disengaging and the car will feel like your trying to change gears with the clutch only partially engaged or not at all. Once it gets really bad it will be like trying to change gears with no clutch and you won’t be able to shift gears at all. In most cases it will let you out of a gear and into neutral but won’t then allow you to enter another gear with the vehicle running. Turn the car off and it grabs all gears no worries at all. If your experiencing this problem, chances are you have a collapsed pressure plate.
Hyundai Iload How much to replace clutchNow for the fun part. To rectify this you have to change the clutch kit. This is a fairly easy job on the I load as there is nothing overly complex to removing the gearbox. Once you have removed the clutch kit and you are faced with the dreaded dual mass flywheel. That’s right the Hyundai I load is fitted with a dual mass flywheel and the correct clutch replacement procedure for vehicles fitted with these is the flywheel has to be replaced when the clutch is replaced. You can’t machine the dual mass flywheel, that is to say the manufacturer says you shouldn’t. Some machine shops are able to machine them but this voids any sort of warranty on the clutch kit.
So here is a list of options you have, if you have to replace the clutch kit in the Hyundai I load and estimated costs for doing this. In all cases the cost of the labour for this should be anywhere from $400 – $600 depending on the hourly rate of the workshop your dealing with. Please note, prices of parts may vary depending on suppliers, availability and timing.
1. Genuine Hyundai New flywheel and new clutch kit. Parts alone are almost $4,000 + labour = $4400- $4600
2. Aftermarket replacement flywheel and clutch kit (if you can find one). Parts $2700 + labour = $3100 -$3300
3. Converting the dual mass to a single mass flywheel and clutch kit to suit. By doing this next clutch replacement will be much cheaper. $1800 + labour = $2200 -$2400
4. Replace the clutch and leave the flywheel without machining it. (this option will give you no warranty from any suppliers) parts $900 + labour = $1300 -$1500
5. Machine the flywheel (if you can find a shop capable of doing it) and use the same clutch kit as option four. $900 + $165 (flywheel machine) + Labour = $1465 -$1665
The best course of action in our experience is option 1 or 2, yet those options are not always so easily financed.
In some cases we have removed a clutch kit and discovered that the dual mass flywheel has separated. It’s made up of two metal discs and they have come apart. In cases where this has happened options 4 and 5 are no longer applicable and the flywheel must be replaced. Its also important to note that your mechanic won’t know if the flywheel has separated until he removes the gear box. In these cases a quote on option 4 or 5 will change as you will have no option but to go with one of the other alternatives.
If you’re reading this chances are you are faced with the costly task of replacing your clutch in you I load. We hope you fund this article helpful and you part with several weeks income to get your van running again.

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