The sole cause for my entry into the automotive repair industry is my raw passion for high performance and modified cars.
Unfortunately I have rapidly discovered through my small business that this passion does not pay the bills. The modified car scene attracts mechanics and car enthusiasts alike, who regularly discover they have the skill set themselves to repair and modify cars. In many cases this is only half true with many vehicles arriving at my little shop with faults that have arisen from poor workmanship.The mechanical equivalent to sticky tape and blue tack is cable ties and electrical tape and I have seen my fair share.
It’s a love/hate relationship, as I would very much love to see the modified car scene thrive but the combination of general douche bag who enters it, shoddy homemade cars and the complete lack of spare funds majority of the owners possess, results in a hard business call. It has been found in recent months that the Soccer Mum in her family SUV with much greater disposable income is a far more appealing client.
Currently my shop houses a BMW, a Nissan R33 Skyline, a Holden Astra, a Ford Territory and a Subaru WRX. It would seem its no clean cut call between the modified car world and the family vehicle.

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