Are You Made of Jam?

A blog for me to document the journey that is small business. Started on a day of upmost frustration due to the constant funds leached from my little enterprise by various governing bodies.
I would hope in years to come reminiscing whilst reading over this blog I will rediscover days of excitement, anticipation and fun but on the day it begins its a little bleak due to the body that is Transport Roads and Maritime Services.
Look forward to years of bad spelling, poor grammar and politically incorrect statements.
Just to kick it off here is an unrelated image I choose at random from my pictures folder.
It truly was random as its an image of “Family Guy” a tow truck owned by Mark Seymour of Narrabeen Towing and for some reason it’s the truck none of the drivers working there want to drive. At the time of documenting, the driver of this vehicle is Pete. He is no bright spark but a man with a good heart. It is often wondered if he is in fact as dim as first impressions lead us to believe or is it put on for his greater gain?

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