Subaru Oil Leaks

One of the common faults with the Subaru range of vehicles is the oil leaks the vehicles can develop.

Across the whole range of the Subaru vehicles there are really only four common causes for the oil leaks. Your vehicle may have one or more of these.

I will list them in the order of most common.

  1. Head gaskets. Because of the boxer engine design its not unusual for the engines to develop oil leaks out of the gaskets which then runs down the crossmember sea drips of the crossmember in the centre or off the steering rack.
  2. Valve cover gaskets. Also amplified by the boxer engine design. the Valve covers gaskets can develop leaks and the oil takes the same route to the ground as the leaking gaskets faults.
  3. Steering rack. The power steering racks are prone to develop leaks too.
  4. Cam seals. Often mechanics will not bother to replace the cam seals when they replace the timing belt. This is poor practice. Over time the seal wears out and starts leaking. this can oil soak the timing belt which comprises the belt.

If your Subaru is leaking oil. Its worth getting an expert to diagnose which of these it is.

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