Subaru Forester Squatting Rear Suspension

The SG Forester has a common fault with the rear end of the vehicle “squatting”. This is when the rear suspension sits lower then the front and the car develops an uneven seating on the road with the nose of the car sitting higher than the rear.

This is a problem that is somewhat exaggerated with the SG forester due to the design of the rear struts in this vehicle.

The SG has whats called “self levelling” rear struts. These work exceptionally well at keeping the vehicle sitting level however are also a very common for leaking oil. Once they start leaking they completely loose their ability to hold the rear of the car up.

Once this happens the rear end of the car drops and a pair of new rear struts will be needed to rectify the fault.

Note: There is a bit of a trap with these that first timers and even sometimes mechanical workshops fall into.

Not every SG Forester are fitted with these self levelling struts. There is an option to buy struts that do not have the self levelling and they are roughly half the price. Cost cutting and putting the standard struts without out the levelling option will defiantly result in the vehicle squatting in the rear.

Additionally there is a product online called “saggy Butt spacers”. These do allow you to fit the struts without the self levelling and space the body of the car to then sit level.

Image: The self levelling struts are easily identifiable. They are fitted with an additional canister on the side of the strut.

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