How to stop Wind Noise In a Forester

A common fault with the Subaru Forester is a wind rushing noise that the car develops once it gets a little bit older.

The fault is caused by the fact the the front doors on the vehicle are frameless. Over a period of time people open the doors by pushing on the glass instead of the door handles.
This bends the door ever so slightly but the noise is actually caused by whats called the gussets.

They wear out and in some cases completely rip. See images

These are the little triangle rubber seals in the corner of the door just behind the rear vision mirrors.

Over time, with the opening of the door and rubber becoming aged this allows wind to sneak into the cabin and gives the wind rushing noise.

Provided the door is not out of shape to excess the noise can be reduced and in some cases completely stopped if you replace these rubber seals.

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