Set of Wheels

When one registers with the Motor Vehicle Repairers Industry Authority (yes that’s a thing MVRIA) for a mobile mechanics licence it is assumed that you are starting off with a large fitted out van. This was a luxury we did not have solely due to the lack of funds. We started off with this little car.
The car is Daewoo Lanos a two door hatchback made semi famous in the Hollywood movie Pineapple Express. This car was given to us by a previous employer whilst I was working for him and lets face it no one gives away a perfectly good car. It needed a lot of work but it started and ran (just) so the registration of a mobile mechanic business was given with the registration of this vehicle.  We had intended to just make do with this car until something better could be acquired. However, as minor and semi major repairs became necessary we were never in a position to purchase something newer so we just kept fixing the Daewoo.
In time to come we got carried away with the restoration of this cheap car and it took on an identity of its own. it became THE WOO (Daewoo) and is still a major part of the businesses marketing today. Later in the month I plan to blog about the restoration/ hotting up/ repairing this little car which will give you a good idea of what’s happened to it since. But at this point in the story the Daewoo enters our family and looks never to leave.  (this photo was taken after a bit of body work had taken place to deal with the rust that was attacking the bonnet and doors).

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