Female Acquaintance of the Long Term Variety

The next person to be mentioned for continuous ongoing contribution to our efforts is in fact one of our team members.
However, this is less of a volunteer type role and more of a “if you want to spend time with your partner you will have to be involved in his business”.
Sara is my fiancé and has become a key player in the establishment of GDL Automotive but more so because she was always around as opposed to any real love of the automotive industry.
From day one Sara was there as support and help, in fact the earliest business memory I have is catching a train into the heart of Sydney with her to go and lodge the registration of a business name back when the concept was still just floating around inside our heads.Her ongoing support and unwavering positive outlook has become something that we all fall back on when needed.
In the early days Sara was up until the wee hours of the mornings on freezing cold winter nights and has often got her hands dirty when needed.
Nowadays she is more involved in the administration work of the business as well as running clients and their cars home, to smash repair businesses, to transmission specialists or anywhere the cars or clients had to be.
Sara is a player in our team who we often seem to take for granted but we would not be where we are now if it were not for her contribution.

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