Age Becomes a Barrier

wooblackwriting_e9e3ca44c38809509592d90625a032b3Legal requirements for the mobile mechanic licence is the vehicle you intend to use has to have signwriting with the licence number included in it. Not a problem at all, right?
When organising the sign writing for this car we snagged our first of many experiences where people simply wrote us off due to our age and budget.
I entered a sign making shop in Manly with the intention of getting a quote for simple black lettering stickers on the car. We were looked up and down with eyebrows raised and promptly told that there was no point as signwriting is useless unless we went all out and splashed thousands on a flash full vehicle wrap and we clearly did not have the funding for this. So we walked out slightly offended and gathered ourselves.
There are many flaws in my person that I would like to change but one of the things I will never change and love about myself is my resilience. Whilst these incidents stir up anger and frustration they tend to make me more determined and bring on an attitude of “I’ll prove you wrong”.
So we did, after a few phone calls to some business people in the local area who were keen to give advice we were put in contact with Summer Signs and we got our black lettering. In an effort to keep the costs down we opted to fit the signage ourselves which in hindsight was a bad call as we put it on by lining it up with the window and not the bottom of the car. One crooked off centre sign coming right up.

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