Rookie Marketing

In hindsight we went about our first marketing stint the wrong way. It would seem to be a common misunderstanding young people make with marketing that one can simply fill mailboxes with propaganda and the clients will come in droves. Not so.
flyersThis was our first real lesson of many in marketing and three years down the track as I sit here writing this we are still learning those lessons.
Marketing is not printing off a home made flyer and delivering it into hundreds of letter boxes in the local area but at the time that’s all we knew and it was one of the cheapest options we had. We should have spent our time networking at local clubs and sporting groups but we truly believed the flyer drop would work. Hundreds of homemade Microsoft Word flyers were made and delivered at night (we still had day jobs at this stage).
Years later we are still doing flyer drops but they are done in conjunction with a much more serious marketing campaign that incorporates many mediums (including this blog). We have found that flyer job effectiveness is less then 1%. That is to say for every 100 flyers delivered you would be lucky to get one call and that one precent is when you have many mediums of marketing running at once. I suspect when we first did that first low budget flyer drop the hit rate was even lower. However we got one client out of that flyer drop and I’m pleased to say that three years down the track Barry and Robyn Best are still loyal clients of GDL Automotive Services.

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