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One of the biggest challenges experienced in this small business to date is the accounting and book keeping. It goes without saying that those gifted in practical hands on skills are unlikely to also possess great skills in accounting, maths and interpreting confusing jargon and stupidly complicated software that goes with it.
In case you had not picked up on the vibe we were less then impressed with the MYOB program probably because of a lack of understanding more then anything. Yet we had little choice as that’s the program we had so we made it work for us.
At the time this was exciting for us as we had just stepped into the real world. We were no longer doing repairs for cash and were no longer just making some pocket money on the side.
We had accounting software and were about to begin invoicing our clients. It seems like nothing flash but at the time it was us steeping into the big wide world of business.
xero-logoHours were spent cross referencing and getting lost in the confusion that could have been spent marketing or fixing cars. For the first two years we battled on with MYOB and found ourselves paying large amounts of money to accountants at the end of the financial year to fix up the complete shambles we had made of it through the year.
About two years in my father wrote a book and it got published, at the official launch for this I met a lady who was an accountant and used a program called Xero for her bookkeeping. Long story short, we moved over to her system and in the end her brothers business is now our accountant, DSM Accounting.
I have to say they are amazing, we never worried about records keeping again. Xero was fifty three times easier to use than MYOB and what we messed up, DSM fixed immediately

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