Range Rover Supercharged V6 Timing Chain Fault

The petrol V6 supercharged engine is known for a common fault relating to the timing chain and or the hydrolic tensioners for the timing chains. Either one or both of the following faults are common on these engines which will all give the same symptoms.

  1. The Chains themselves stretch. This causes the crank shafts and camshafts to be out of synchronization with one another. Whilst this can be ever so minuscule, modern engines require the timing to be within fractions of an inch. This means that a very small variation in timing that may appear insignificant to the human eye can cause a huge amount of problems.
  2. The hydrolic tensioners can fail. These keep the timing chain tensioned, and when they fail it allows the chains to become loose and as above the synchronization of the cam and crank shafts is disrupted.

In both cases, the  symptoms will be the same. You may get one, multiples or all of the following symptoms.
1. Check engine light with fault codes relating to cam and crank shaft correlation.
2. Metallic rattling noise from the engine (more so on start up)
3. Loss of power
4. Hard to start
5. Misfiring (running rough)
6. Vehicle cranks but will not start.
cost to replace range rover timing chainWhat happens if you don’t fix this?
If repair is avoided the vehicle will eventually fail completely.  The chain can become so loose it either breaks, or becomes locked up on timing cover components. When this happens the engine will have a complete failure. The valves hit the pistons and basically the engine becomes a giant blender. Once this occurs a complete replacement engine is required with costs involved not even worth mentioning.
Who Can do this repair?
GDL Automotive Services has a staff member, Harith. Who has done this job many times and is a competent Range Rover trained technician. You can find our more about him here.
What is the cost of this repair?
Prices will fluctuate depending on the hourly rate of the workshop you chose. If you opt to use a dealership you can double any quotes you receive from private workshops.
This repair is one that an experienced technician can carry out in sixteen hours (Two working days) then add to this the materials used. Again the prices will fluctuate depending on, if genuine or aftermarket timing chains, tensioners and guides are used. In this case we do recommend using the genuine Range Rover parts.
In summery this repair at any private workshop wont give you any change from four grand and if you are using a dealership or a workshop with a high hourly rate could very easily double that. We do advise being careful of shopping around for the cheapest option for this repair, this is not a simple repair and in this game you get what you pay for. Our advise is pay for someone who knows what they are doing and only have the need to pay for this once.
Call now for a quote, to make a booking or to simply speak to Harith about this repair. Currently Harith is based at our Warriewood store.
(02) 9979 5933

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