A Week on the Farm

SAfarm_08e92efb3c3223cdbe103c0490354618We were now operating most nights of the week and were filling most weekends. We had our accounting software ready to go (well as best as we could make it work) and we were all set to begin operating with the blessings of NSW government.
This all lined up the day before we left for a week long trip on the farm in South Australia. It’s a 20 hour drive straight which gave us plenty of time to think and strategize our business plans whilst driving on the country’s long, long, long straight roads. We also slipped into holiday mode once there and had a much needed break. It was a good test for our little business as five or six vehicles from the local church and other community circles made the trip, all of these vehicles were being maintained by us.
Fortunately there were no brake downs to report. On the return trip I took a call in Cobar from Kellie (my ex wife) who needed something done on her car and so the day after we returned invoice number one was written and paid for. It had begun.

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