LDV Vehicle Review

Should you buy or even consider buying a LDV.
Lets look at the facts here. At the start of its life, LDV was founded after a deal was made with British company Leyland and to date the latest partnership the Company has made was with Daewoo right before Daewoo went into receivership. Both these companies are not renowned for their amazing feats of mechanical engineering. Infant both brands have a reputation comparable to fairy bread. Sweet to look at but rots its victims from the inside.
LDV in australia is a relatively new competition and to be fair to it we have not seen to many major issues with them so far, having said that we don’t see to many of them either. for one car to not brake down, hardly constitutes a 100% success rate when reviewing all of them.
We regularly service and maintain two of them for a small company that employs several Brazilian blokes of questionable visa conditions and even more questionable driving skills. The staff driving these vans seem to have very little car for their employers property and to date the LDV has withstood the abuse very well. The sign writing on the side of the van does not hold up quite so well. The average client buying these vans will more than likely have staff driving them and as with anyone who has staff in vehicles that they done own the vehicle very quickly turns into a person petri dish sampling the drivers filth. The LDV seems to be able to with scant this vile ness and poor treatment. So far they seem to be passable on the consumer front.
We have however seen a frustrating level of “lack of parts available”. Basic service items such as oil filters and brake pads are not held in stock by any local suppliers and if the dealers do have them its top dollar and has to come interstate in a lot of cases. Anything not in the normal wear category such as door locks, window switches, engine gaskets and suspension parts are all several weeks wait from overseas.
Before buying a LDV we advise taking into consideration what you are buying them for. As a working van most consumers are buying this as a tool for work. A machine that makes you income and keeps your world spinning. Can you afford to have it off the road for several weeks while you wait for parts to come via massive boat from the UK.

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