Holden Barina Wipers Don’t Work

A mega common fault with the Holden XC Barina is the failure of the Front windscreen wipers. Whilst this is one of many common faults with them it is an issue that catches people out many times. If diagnosed electronically its easy to slip into the trap of thinking the motor has failed (we did this). Power at the motor with the wipers on means it must be the motor that has failed. IN many cases this is not the case.
The wiper linkages are a design that was engineered by someone who lived on a diet of Halloumi Cheese and Grape juice. They are brittle soft alloy and have a cylinder in side of a cylinder design. In some sort of strange automotive pornography the inner sleeve jams up on the outer one. This means that in most cases the motor is not the issue but rather the wiper arm linkages that are at fault.
These can be repaired rather than replaced. Be very careful when working with this as the wiper mounting posts are soft alloy and even putting them in a vice can cause them to break. Our image shows the linkage broken as we also made this mistake. If your linkages look like our image, your in trouble. If you remove the E clip located at the top of the wiper mounting post and allow the pivot point to sock in some sort of bolt free spray. After several minutes of manipulating and continuous lubrication you can free up the linkages. Put your E clip back on and reassemble. You can now stand back with your hands on your hips, nod your head in that male only “Job Done” manner we all do and put it all back in the car. Well done you are now an engineer.
Problem solved. You do however still have the problem of owner a XC Barina which is a far greater issue.

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