Hyundai Accent (1999-2005) Vehicle Review

In the early day Hyundai was a low quality product that flooded the market with dribble. The Hyundai excel was an average car which almost every uni student or pizza delivery driver owned. After flooding the market with these cars, consumers knew the brand and then Hyundai set about increasing the quality and now they are a spectacular motor car.
This model accent in question is on the timeline half way between the amazing cars they are now and the dung boxes that were released back in the early 1990s. As a result they are not atrocious but there are some things to look out for if your looking to buy one.
1. They are renowned for developing misfires. Its very common for spark plugs and ignition leads to cause this issue. Plugs and leads are a very common replacement for them.
2. Once they get a fair few kilometres on them they are known to consume oil buy burning it and inter develop hydronic lifter noise. A metallic rattle noise while the car is idling is more than likely going to be a Hyundai engine that needs a rebuild. You can shut this up for a short period of time buy using a product called lifter free.
3. The air conditioning system in these cars are particularly troublesome. Common air conditioning faults include the compressor failure, the high pressure line to the compressor leaks, Receiver drier failure and in some cases the evaporated (located behind the dashboard) will need replacing. Check the A/C works well before buying one of these.
4. Coolant leaks. A lot of these cars develop coolant leaks from the hoses at the end of the cylinder head. Just above the transmission. Not a big problem to fix but check for coolant stains in the transmission bell housing.
5. Coolant leak out the back of the cylinder heads. This is a much bigger problem and is semi common in them. I have to admit i have only seen it once but my team inform me that they have seen it many times before. The leak is only visible from under neath the car and looking back up the atet e back of the cylinder head. Easiest to see this on a hoist. Refer the image showing what it is your looking for.
If you see this you have a major repair bill in front of you. Don’t expect much change from $2K to fix this issue.

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