Jeep V6 Petrol Engine Misfire

There is a semi common fault with the Jeep 3.6 petrol engine where the vehicle develops a misfire.

The misfire in question is caused by low compression in cylinder 2, 4 or 6. It’s of note that these are all on the passenger side bank of the engine.

It is believed that this fault is caused by the design of the inlet manifold causing that bank to run lean and thus burn out the valves. In most cases this starts with cylinder 2 and progressively gets worse however we have seen reports where cylinder four or six failed first.

This is such a common fault that Jeep have issued a Service Bulletin for this repair. This does not necessarily mean that Jeep will cover this as a recall but rather states that is a common issue and has issued internal documentation on it and the repair procedure .

Having said that we have heard of reports inside the Jeep owners groups we are members of, that some dealers have repaired this fault for owners even after the vehicles manufacturers warranty has expired. I can not vouch for the accuracy of this claim however if you are experiencing this fault it would be worth having a conversation with your local Jeep Dealership and asking the question.

If this repair is carried out at the dealership, according to the bulletin, the entire head gets replaced. If you have this repair carried out independently from the dealership only the valves will need replacing. However we strongly advise that if this is happening, that you get all the vales replaced not just the faulty ones. If you only replaced the faulty one, you may be doing this repair again in a few short months when the valves not replaced burn out.

Below is a copy of the service bulletin released by Jeep.

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