Jeep Hissing Noise

The Jeep is common for developing a hissing noise from the dash area. Many owners notice that this sound is actually from the air vents for the climate control and have reported taking he vehicles back to the dealership to have this issue looked at. Many consumers are returning with reports that the dealer is telling them that it’s a characteristic of the vehicle. This is not the case.

The hissing noise is a symptom of a low Air Conditioning Gas. The air conditioning system on any vehicle is a sealed system and if there is a need to regas the system its a sure sign that the car has developed a Leak in the air conditioning system somewhere. By just getting the gas “refilled” you are only treating the symptom and not the root cause of your problem.

Here is a short video showing the exact fault we are discussing.

Jeep Hissing Noise.

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