Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Smell In Vents

A semi common complaint that arises both with our clients and on the Jeep social media communities is a complaint of a strong diesel exhaust smell through the cabin of the vehicle.

People experience this smell through the air con vents and often its much worse when the air conditioning is set to suck air from outside the vehicle rather than recirculate. The most common cause for this fault is a small exhaust leak from the vacuum operated actuator at the back of the EGR (Exhaust Gas circulation) Assembly.

On right hand drives this is on the drivers side of the vehicle above the valve cover. The cause will often leave a soot build up on the top of the EGR cooler as per the photo. if you have soot building up there, you will need a new EGR assembly.

Don’t just buy the EGR valve. The Valve is only a small part of the system and does not have the faulty part included.

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