Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Won’t turn off

Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2s are known to give trouble with the tone wheel. This wheel is a magnetic ring that goes oil the back of the crack shaft between the transmission and the engine and is used to give the crank angle sensor its signal for engine operation.

This tone wheel is known to delaminate and have pieces of the ring fling off. This is so common that Jeep has issued a recall for this however it not actually replaced, rather a software update tells the engine to take the crank signal from the cam angle sensors instead. This recall has been covered in the article listed below.

Tone wheel Recall for WK2

Some additional information that will help diagnose this fault for some is the following unusual symptoms some owners are experiencing.

  • The Vehicle will not turn off. The need to remove a fuel pump relay or fuse to shut the vehicle down.
  • Fault codes for crank angle sensor
  • The dash stating the words “depress clutch to start” when the vehicle is an automatic.

If you have any or all of these symptoms. The chances are you have a tone wheel fault.

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